A Law Firm of a French Attorney in Bulgaria

Liliana Bakayoko is an Attorney at Law at the Paris and the Sofia Bars, and a Doctor of law. Founded in 2011, her Sofia law firm provides legal services in the fields of both Bulgarian and French law, and assists its clients before Bulgarian courts as well as before French courts.

Liliana Bakayoko brings legal assistance mainly to companies and private clients, combining a high level of professionalism with a human-based approach and a deep knowledge of both French and Bulgarian cultures.

Liliana Bakayoko is bilingual in French and Bulgarian, and she is fluent in English. She is both a theoretician and a legal practitioner, and she possesses triple professional experience, acquired both in France and in Bulgaria: in addition to exercising her attorney’s profession (at the Paris Bar and the Sofia Bar), she has taught law for ten years at higher education institutions in Paris, in both French and English languages. She is the author of The Legal Commitment (Individuation and the Civil Code in the 21st Century) (L’engagement en droit (L’individuation et le Code civil au XXIème siècle)), published by Éditions Publibook Université, (Paris, France).

Liliana Bakayoko is a member of the French-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and of French-Speaking International Lawyers. She works in cooperation with many lawyers, some of whom are established in Bulgaria, and others – in France.

Liliana Bakayoko is President of the Association of Francophone Attorneys, which is a member of the French-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Thanks to its multicultural background, the law firm provides legal services that are particularly well suited to the needs of its clients, by offering optimal and efficient legal solutions.